Citibank SWIFT BIC Codes

Find Citibank swift codes and bic codes. Swift / BIC codes are 8 to 11 digit numbers that identify overseas banks, and are used for international bank wires & transfers.

CITIUS33CTI Citibank Ctsi New York, NY

CITIUS33CTA Citibank Agency And Trust Operations New York, NY

CITIUS33CSA Citibank Middle Office As Agent To Credit Suisse Asset Management New York, NY

CITIUS33CRP Citibank Corporate Treasury Back Office New York, NY

CITIUS33DBO Citibank Delaware Treasury Back Office New York, NY

CITIUS33EFX Citibank New York Emfx Confirmations New York, NY

CITIUS33FOR Citibank Middle Office Support Cash And Position Recon New York, NY

CITIUS33EUC Citibank Euro Currency Funding New York, NY

CITIUS33EMC Citibank Event Master Central New York, NY

CITIUS33CRD Citibank Cards Treasury Back Office New York, NY

CITIUS33CPE Citibank Citi Private Equity New York, NY

CITIUS33BNC Citibank Bancs System New York, NY

CITIUS33AGF Citibank Citi Middle Office As Agent To Agf - Us New York, NY

CITIUS33ADR Citibank American Depositary Receipts New York, NY

CITIUS33CAL Citibank Citi Middle Office As Agent To Calamos New York, NY

CITIUS33CBK Citibank Consumer Bank Treasury Back Office New York, NY

CITIUS33CLR Citibank Citi Na Capital Advisors New York, NY

CITIUS33CHI Citibank Chicago, IL

CITIUS33CDS Citibank Fixed Income Confirmations New York, NY

CITIUS33ACP Citibank Citi Middle Office As Agent To Ashfield Capital Partners New City, NY

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