Citizens Bank Routing Numbers

Find and check Citizens Bank routing numbers, also referred to as ABA routing numbers, or routing transit numbers. Routing numbers are nine digit codes found on the bottom of checks, and used for ACH and wire transfers.

064205388 Citizens Bank New Tazewell TN 37825

064107729 Citizens Bank Carthage TN 37030

064102740 Citizens Bank Lafayette TN 37083

064102740 Citizens Bank Lafayette TN 37083

064207946 Citizens Bank Elizabethton TN 37644

064209177 Citizens Bank Elizabethton TN 37643

065304385 Citizens Bank Columbia MS 39429

065302358 Citizens Bank Columbia MS 39429

065202555 Citizens Bank Ville Platte LA 70586

064102601 Citizens Bank Hartsville TN 37074

064102740 Citizens Bank Lafayette TN 37083

036076150 Citizens Bank Riverside RI 02915

031101143 Citizens Bank Riverside RI 02915

021372940 Citizens Bank Riverside RI 02915

042104469 Citizens Bank Brodhead KY 40409

044015831 Citizens Bank Riverside RI 02915

064000185 Citizens Bank Nashville TN 37208

062204938 Citizens Bank Winfield AL 35594

061203338 Citizens Bank Cairo GA 39828

011601443 Citizens Bank Riverside RI 02915

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