Personal Finance

Personal Finance

The Personal Finance Knowledgebase will help you make better financial decisions in your daily life. Learn which checking, savings account and CD is right for you. Learn about all types of loans; including personal loans, business loans, student and auto loans. Trying to figure out which insurance you need? Become knowledgeable on car insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and homeowners insurance. Manage your money better with guides on savings and spending and managing debt. Become better informed on pensions. Find out your credit score and understand the impact of your credit report on your finances. Learn about credit cards, how to get one, how to save money when paying them off, and which credit card is right for you, and how to avoid scams.



Personal Loans

Student Loans

Auto Loans

Business Loans


Car Insurance

Health Insurance

Life Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Savings & Spending

Managing Debt

Credit Score

12. What Credit Score is Needed To Buy a Car

Credit Cards


20. Calculator: Homeowners Insurance

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