Wells Fargo Bank SWIFT BIC Codes

Find Wells Fargo Bank swift codes and bic codes. Swift / BIC codes are 8 to 11 digit numbers that identify overseas banks, and are used for international bank wires & transfers.

WFBIUS6SCTS Wells Fargo Bank Corporate Trust Services Columbia, SC

WFBIUS6SCHI Wells Fargo Bank Chicago, IL

WFBIUS6SBOI Wells Fargo Bank Boise, ID

WFBIUS6SANC Wells Fargo Bank Anchorage, AK

WFBIUS6SDAL Wells Fargo Bank Dallas, TX

WFBIUS6SDEN Wells Fargo Bank Denver, CO

WFBIUS6SENG Wells Fargo Bank Englewood, CO

WFBIUS6SELP Wells Fargo Bank El Paso, TX

WFBIUS6SDES Wells Fargo Bank Des Moines, IA

PNBPUS6LXXX Wells Fargo Bank Los Angeles, CA

PNBPUS3NNYC Wells Fargo Bank New York International Branch New York, NY

PNBPUS33SLC Wells Fargo Bank Standby Lc's Winston-Salem, NC

PNBPUS33PHL Wells Fargo Bank International Operations Philadelphia, PA

PNBPUS33FMG Wells Fargo Bank Funds Management Group Charlotte, NC

PNBPUS33XXX Wells Fargo Bank Philadelphia, PA

PNBPUS3CFCG Wells Fargo Bank Formerly Known As Wachovia Charlotte, NC

PNBPUS3MXXX Wells Fargo Bank Miami, FL

PNBPUS3CHTM Wells Fargo Bank Formerly Known As Wachovia Charlotte, NC

PNBPUS3CHFX Wells Fargo Bank Formerly Known As Wachovia Charlotte, NC

PNBPUS33CHA Wells Fargo Bank Charlotte, NC

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